Morgan| 2017 Senior Rep

This year, I wanted to start incorporating more fashion themed shoots into Senior Photography.
 I met with Morgan and her Mom about what kind of shoots she would like; Locations, more urban or more pastoral.  But as we sat there, the first thing that comes to her mind is ......FRANCE!!!

Ok, no that might be hard in a town like Nashville. Sure, I could find an outdoor cafe, but the town is kind of going through a growth spurt and very old buildings aren't really a dime a dozen in Nashville (they are too busy taking them down).  When Morgan suggested France,  I thought of American in Paris and how I love Audrey Hepburn.  Well, the next thought was "Breakfast at Tiffany".. French inspired clothing and a classic style.

So, we met at the hair salon and Glynnis Garcia, started doing Morgan's hair.  With Mom and Grandma in tow, we sat and watched Glynnis style Morgan's stunningly blond hair into a classic bun.  Attach a little rhinestone headband and Morgan looks stunning!!!

Then off to the Frist we went to set up our looks.  We were able to work in the cafe and outside in the court yard. Luckily the cherry blossoms looked beautiful.

After we went to the Cumberland Park and did a look from American in Paris...

I say all in all it was a fabulous day..